It is possible to turn guilt into personal growth.  Instead of guilty feelings limiting you, you can explore what made you do what you did.  If, in hindsight, you wish you had done something differently, this is an opportunity to learn from the experience.  Reflecting...

Grief and loss is something we will all go though as daughters, whether your mother leaves you through choice, personal circumstance or death.  No matter how good or bad your relationship was with your mother, it will still have an impact on you when your mother is no...

Fear is often at the root of all other feelings.  When you are unable to meet your own needs, or those you depended on as a child couldn’t be there for you emotionally or physically, a deep sense of insecurity may leave you feeling scared and unsafe in the world....

It’s natural to feel anger as part of the bereavement cycle.  Giving yourself time to work through bereavement and all associated losses, will serve you well. 

Anger during the grief cycle can be unpredictable, you may feel fine one day and not the next.  Remind yo...

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