‘‘I know from personal experience that Wendy gives above and beyond to her private clients.  Therefore it didn’t surprise me that this book is a reflection of that ethos.  

Mothers and Daughters is much more than a self-help book; it is like being in a therapy room with Wendy.  You are taken by the hand and lovingly guided through a deep exploration of your mother-daughter relationship.  It is a roadmap to understanding your mother; your ancestral lines, core beliefs and habits – and importantly, you are given the tools to release what no longer serves you.  If you have unresolved issues with your mother or daughter (and who hasn’t?) then I urge you to read and use this exceptional book. ’’

Kate Marillat - Bestselling  Author Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life - EFT Tapping Using Matrix Reimprinting and Creativity Coach 

''Of all the relationships in the world the mother-daughter one, I believe, as women, is the most influential one in our lives.  Our mother helps to shape who we are right from the beginning – right from conception.  This relationship is the foundation of who we are and how we will show up to mother our own children.  It is also an important one in how we perceive and judge our own femininity.


In this book “Mother and Daughters” you are going to have many insights and “ah ha” moments.  You will be gently and lovingly lead on a deep dive journey into understand who you are, but more importantly who you are not.  The first step is to read this book and the second is to give yourself permission to use the tools Wendy is sharing with you.  This I promise you will be a journey of a lifetime.  Enjoy.''


Sharon King - Bestselling author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life

‘‘Once again, Wendy Fry has written a powerful and impacting book on relationships.  This time she explores one of the most essential relationships that we all experience as women: the relationship with our mothers.  Some years ago I worked in the field of emotional health and it became apparent just how many of our programs are set in place by our relationship with our mother.  This book not only explores that relationship in depth, but also gives us tools and insights to help us shape that connection into something that is healthier in the present day.  Whether your mother is still alive or not, this exceptionally thoughtful and well written book will enable you to deeply impact your relationship with your mother, and rewire your brain to experience it differently.  Highly recommended for therapists as well as those who are on a journey of self-growth and healing.’’

Sasha Allenby - Bestselling Author of Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, Book Coach, Ghost Writer and Publishing CEO.


‘‘The mother-daughter relationship is often a complex one.  This straight to the point guide to understanding your mother and transforming your relationship with her offers you the tools and techniques to do just this.  Utilising EFT to aid emotional release as an EFT Master I know the power that EFT has to create more effective relationships.  Mothers and Daughters will help you to figure out the workings of your relationships and will show you not only how to transform your past but your future too.’’

Karl Dawson - Bestselling Author of Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT and Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life - EFT Tapping Using Matrix Reimprinting.


‘‘This book is full of deep thought provoking questions which guide the reader to truthfully discover the highs and lows of their mother-daughter relationship and how to heal any damage that might have occurred as a result.  Wendy’s honesty in sharing her own experiences helps the reader to understand the processes to maximise the benefits of each activity.  Women’s Words of Wisdom at the end of the book reassures us that we all have different experiences with our mothers.’’

Curly Martin - Bestselling Author of The Life Coaching Handbook, The Business Coaching Handbook, The Personal Success Handbook and Achievement: Cancer Free For 20 Years.


‘‘As a long term therapist I’ve seen time and again, the impact of the mother-daughter relationship on forming a woman’s identity and shaping her relationships.

In this highly informative book, Wendy Fry captures the mother-daughter relationship beautifully.  She teaches the reader to understand the effect of their own mother-daughter relationship on a deeply emotional and psychological level.

What I so love about this book is Wendy’s ability to bring across the bigger picture; to step back and help the reader understand her mother as a person. This is a hugely important step in enabling a woman to move past internal conflicts and limiting beliefs that have been getting in the way of her happiness and independence.

And beyond this Mothers and Daughters also offers a number of highly effective tools and strategies to help the reader begin to meet needs which may not have been met in her early years.

The book is a wonderful balance of acceptance for women in all situations and transformative tools to break generational patterns.  It’s a book about love.’’

Marléne Rose Shaw - Author of Out Of Fear Into Love: Life doesn't have to be a struggle


‘‘Right from the beginning of reading Wendy’s book I was mesmerised.  Her comprehensive desires to share and help meant she left no stone unturned.  She skilfully used case histories that brought real life and deeper understanding to her reader.  Wendy is certainly going to be bridging the gap and may even be closing some gaps completely.  Bless you lovely Wendy.’’

Mary Llewellyn – EFT founding Master Practitioner and Trainer and author of EFT Constellations

‘‘If only our relationship with our mothers and daughters was as good as in the movies.  A few years ago I mentioned how Christmas had been delightful until I went to see my mother.  I expected a big backlash from people telling me what a terrible daughter I was.  Instead I received a flood of messages from people telling me how they’d also had a difficult experience.

Wendy’s book gives us a chance to examine the relationship with the person who gave birth to us; a much needed but rarely spoken about subject.  Plus a careful reminder that is not always easy and that mother’s are not given a book of instructions when they give birth.  Many are not perfect and some are well, pretty awful.’’ 

Anne Jirsch - Bestselling Author of Instant Intuition, The Future is Yours, Cosmic Energy, Create Your Perfect Future.


‘‘I am blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my mum, who is my best friend and most ardent supporter, so wondered what I could gain from reading Wendy’s book.  I have to say it is absolutely fascinating in both its ability to enlighten you to some interesting scientific facts that you may never have come across and totally different perspectives on mothers.  Using case studies make it moving and real, I truly connect to that type of approach.  I highly recommend reading it to broaden your knowledge, enhance your feelings and perhaps even change your perspective on mothers. Enjoy!’’

Gillian Morris  - Author of “EFT for Everyone’’


‘‘Wendy Fry has written an insightful book about the complex relationship that mothers have with their daughters.  It underlines the importance of stepping back and seeing the relationship as it really is, and I particularly like the series of checklist questions and processes that Wendy provides to help us become clear about this.  It is so valuable to have an understanding of not just our own relationship with our mother, but also the influences which impacted on their lives, which in turn shaped their parenting skills.  As with so many areas of our lives, it is important to unpick the limiting beliefs that we hold, and to take responsibility for our own self-care.  It is worth while spending time visiting and re-visiting this book, and working through any negative aspects of our relationship with our mother.  As Wendy so rightly says, "It's a universal truth.  We all have a mother."  This book is for you if you feel you need to change the way you feel about yourself and your relationship with your mother for the better.’’

Sue Williams - Author of Believe You Can: Face Your Fears and Confidently Claim the Life You Desire.

''Just finished reading this book, absolutely awesome.  It's offers amazing insights into how our relationship with our mother can literally shape our beliefs and our life and how examining that relationship can open us up to a new level of understanding, both of our relationship with our mother and, more importantly, ourselves''


Ruth Baker

''This book filled a huge hole in my soul that I thought I could never fill and gave me a new platform. Wendy's kind loving and gently yet no-nonsense approached made me feel seen and heard as if she was in the room with me as I discovered things about myself and my mother that I didn't even know was there and helped me heal from the beginning. This is a book I didn't even know I was missing until Wendy wrote it''

Kim Bergstrom

‘‘Right from the beginning of reading Wendy’s book I was mesmerised. Her comprehensive desires to share and help meant she left no stone unturned. She skilfully used case histories that brought real life and deeper understanding to her reader. Wendy is certainly going to be bridging the gap and may even be closing some gaps completely. Bless you lovely Wendy''

Florence Mair

''Here was me a healer for over 30 years thinking I have healed my mother daughter relationship. I was honoured to be able to read this book. I had to keep stopping along the way. Sometimes to shout Yes, yes, yes and other times to make use of Wendy's healing techniques. I loved the spotlight Process and found the EFT very helpful. I never thought that with my own healing and teaching that we should 'mother ourselves'.

Wendy writes with compassion and understanding.  Wendy makes it easier to overcome your 'mother stuff' even if it is the breaking of all ties and letting go.

If you have mother problems this is the book for you. Buy it now and move on. To quote the amazing Wendy Fry 'Heal the divide and survive and thrive by changing the way you relate to your mother.' Go girlies. Be free''

Jannine Muirhead

''I would thoroughly recommend 'Mothers and Daughters' by Wendy Fry to anyone - whether you have a mother or you don't. It is our most basic desire as a baby to have unconditional love from our mothers and this desire stays with us and affects all our relationships. I was very grateful to receive a review copy of this book and couldn't put it down. This book is clear, eloquently written, with practical exercises to help work through all the possible decisions and attitudes we have towards our mothers. I am gaining a deeper understanding of my relationship with my mother and how key it is to how I operate my life. I am looking forward to more insights and nuggets of understanding as I progress further.