Your Past Need Not Be A Life Sentence

What has come before you need not come after you.

How you perceive your past, the experiences you have been through and the lessons learned can make or break you depending on your focus.

Our past although very real at the time of its creation is kept alive by the stories we tell about our experiences. We are reacting and responding to an old event as if what happened is happening again right now and that can be scary as we are literally living our pasts a thousand times.

Each of you reading this will have had something happen to you which I’m sure you'd rather not repeat through often the subconscious mind keeps us on alert of perceived danger, threat and anything fear based which keeps our focus on ‘The worse case scenario'. The good news is with awareness you are not your past though your thinking thinks you are, you can re-direct your thoughts to bring more calm into your life.

The past is over. Being aware of your past is helpful, living there isn't. It's time to end the sentencing and begin to live your life on purpose.

If you need a hand in getting past your past please do make contact

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