Everyone's a Winner

Okay, I can hear you saying...'I never win anything' though if I may correct you, even if you didn't enter the prize draw to celebrate the launch of my second book 'Mothers and Daughters: The guide to understanding and transforming the relationship with you mother and win one of the top prizes you still have an opportunity to claim your free prizes listed below by signing up to the subscriber box at www.mothersanddaughters.solutions

  • Free chapter – Welcome to the Journey of You

  • EFT Quick Start Guide (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Mothers and Daughters Q&A

  • Love and Relationship Inventory

  • Guided Relaxation – Negative Memory Release

  • The Spotlight Process

  • Power Questions

  • Who Am I? Exercise

  • 10 Steps to Setting Healthy Personal Boundaries

  • A Time for Healing

And now I am pleased to announce the winners of the competition are as follows:

SAM : VIP Day: VIP Days are tailor made days specifically for you, where you get to work in-depth through your relationship issues using tried and tested tools and techniques to get you past your past and back on track to living a joy filled life...How does it get any better! Value £ 549(prize valid in person in Sutton, Surrey UK)

JUDITH: MP3 Audio downloads: A complete file of guided audio downloads to accompany Mothers and Daughters 'Getting Naked With Your Feelings' giving you an opportunity to heal from your past at the deepest level. Value £99

Stephanie: Consultation and follow up appointment via Skype worldwide or in person in Sutton, Surrey UK Value £194

Peggy: Signed copies of Mothers and Daughters and Find YOU, Find LOVE. Value - priceless!

Let's give a big cheer for the lucky winners and also cheer yourself while your at it because you are a winner too.

I've purposefully not used the surnames of the winners for confidentiality. Not everyone wants others to know they are seeking support and help so i've announced the first name of the winners only.

So don't delay.

If you haven't already hop on over to www.mothersanddaughters.solutions to sign up and received your automated flow of prizes delivered straight to your inbox in the next 60 days.

Everyone's a Winner!

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