The importance of physical touch in childhood

Physical touch of mother and daughter at birth is paramount. This teaches us we are secure, loveable and loved. Touching between mother and daughter begins the imprinting process and bonds mother and daughter together.

Being fed by our mothers from her breast and, or being held close to her when feeding, allows us to associate with the woman who is providing fulfilment, pleasure and sensual gratification. Babies respond well to touch, warmth, being rocked, soothed, stroked, eye to eye contact, smiles and facial expressions. To a small baby having this intimate connection is pure ecstasy and we continue to look towards our mothers for affection as we mature. Infants who experience closeness of touch in this way during the first few years of their lives are much more secure.

For further reading on the importance of human touch and affection at every developmental stage, Ashley Montagu’s book, ‘Touching’ offers extended reading on this very human need. I will also cover in next week's blog information on attachment and thereafter bonding.

Depending on treatments and medications offered to the mother during birth this may delay the ability for the mother to offer physical touch thus delaying the bonding process. Using Matrix Birth Reimprinting it’s possible to go back to the time of birth and re-create a different kind of bonding experience. This technique created by Sharon King author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life further supports changing your past experiences and beliefs as well as influencing your future more positively.

This blog contains excerpts from Mothers and Daughters: The guide to understanding and transforming the relationship with your mother

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