Getting Naked With Your Feelings

Repression - What happens when we can't express how we feel

Negative emotions aren’t just stored in the head, they are stored throughout the energy body and we may unconsciously and without intention find that psychosomatically we repress them in our organs, tissues, muscles and the walls of our cells, without even knowing what we are doing.

When we ignore our feelings, our lives become stressful, we are frustrated and this eventually leads to low mood, low energy and possible depression because the whole energy body collapses in on itself. Having the ability to welcome all emotions, means we can respond to them and heal what remains unresolved using a variety of energy based processes to restore emotional health and physical well-being. Many physical problems may be a direct result of our energy body not being in flow and the good news is we each have the power to change this.

Over the next series of blog posts I will share with you some of the key negative emotional states which lead to stress so as to become energy body aware and how those emotional states affect us on many levels.

Depression is sometimes classed as ‘anger turned inwards’, otherwise known as ‘imploding’. This happens when we keep our thoughts and emotions inside. Stress, anxiety and panic symptoms are common when denial of our feelings or self expression is marred or there is fear connected with acknowledging how we feel or speaking up and expressing ourselves.

We often learn from parental conditioning and society to keep our thoughts and feelings inside as a way of managing our worlds. If we’ve had an experience of speaking up and it hasn’t been well received, if we’ve been punished, embarrassed or judged wrongly when we have attempted to have our have your say, it’s natural not to want to risk this happening again. We retreat back into our comfort zones where nothing changes.

What we learn in childhood can be changed easily in adulthood. Getting naked with your feelings and using modern energy techniques such as Energy EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and EMO (Energy in Motion) to manage stress sets you free so that you can begin to live your life with passion and purpose.

Modern stress management techniques to manage emotions means you're no longer at the mercy of them and regain a sense of self and control in your life.

Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and come forth in uglier ways - Sigmund Freud

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