Emotional and Seasonal Relationship Triggers

There can be many emotional triggers when you think of your current or past relationships.

Perhaps you have felt unwell and needed your partner or mothers love but for whatever reason they can't be be there for you or meet your needs. On top of not feeling well you may place meaning on the absence of their love, time and care and feel even worse because of the story you are telling yourself.

Many people are stressed these days, juggling too many balls, barely resting and often self medicating to de-stress and relax. It doesn't have to be this way and further along in this blog I'll offer you some alternative ways to manage stress and overwhelming emotions as well as taking care of your own needs.

There are all kinds of emotional triggers in life. Some we understand at a conscious level, other trigger responses are just below the surface and ready to jump out on us like the bogey man without understanding why. You might go to the cinema and see a film about a love story which might trigger you in relation to being out of love or perhaps bring up old grief of not yet working through a past relationship that went sour. Seeing other people laughing and hugging might make you feel pleased for those in a loving relationship or, it can make you ache to the core, as you re-experience the loss of love in your life.

Certain smells: perfume, flowers, home baked goods; cigarettes etc may remind you of your loved ones in a negative or positive way, it will be different for all of us. Music too, can be emotive and the lyrics of a song could touch you in the most unexpected way.

It is my belief, our emotions help us to feel the energy of an experience. To feel and experience being alive and knowing that what we sense and feel is in it's barest form is only energy helps us to work through the poop of the past, evolve the energy into that which feels better and pick ourselves back up again. It is how we deal withour emotions and the remaining energy of those experiences which either lifts us up or keeps us down.

Seasonal triggers such as Valentine's day, Mother’s Day, Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and family celebrations can all add to emotional turmoil when emotions related to these people and experiences have not been worked through.

It is natural at specific times of the year, to remember your past relationships with love or distaste. 'They say' time is a healer and for some it is, through for others what happened forty years ago can feel as if it's happening right now as we remember the energy of the experience, meaning it feels REAL right now and we are reacting and responding as we did all those years ago!

Sentiments expressed in a typical Mother’s Day card, Valentines Cay card or other, If you truly don't or haven’t felt loved by your partners, significant other or family member, it can feel l a lie to buy a wordy card declaring a wonderful relationship. For others, particular times of year will bring up much sadness as they grieve again after the loss of the relationship and the outcome they hoped for.

Allow yourself to experience the range of emotions which come up to the surface, and as they rise, say to yourself 'this is only energy', ask the energy what way it wants to move out and through (you will sense this intuitively) or simply take a guess and let the energy of distressing emotions flow away from you asking the energy to 'soften and flow', by doing so you are restoring your energy balance and emotional well-being.

When you think you have released all you can and find yourself emotionally overwhelmed unexpectedly, please know that any further triggers are an opportunity for healing. When you are able to express and release the full range of emotions, it frees up space for more love, more happiness and even more joy!

Remember to check out the audio downloads which go alongside this blog including a lovely freebie 'Negative Memory Release' for you to let go of the past and live your life in the now.

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Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an immortal role to play in a happy life: they’re big, flashing signs something needs to change - Gretchen Rubin

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