Finding Peace

Peace comes from within; it is not something someone else can give to you.

Through sharing our experiences adult to adult, there is so much to gain. Communicating with the intention of understanding and transforming our relationships with our mothers, we can move beyond the pain of birth, childhood and adulthood. We allow ourselves a sense of peace in being able to openly express all of who we are and allow our mothers to do the same.

Whether you are still striving for your mother’s approval, acceptance or love, even though she’s gone or are working through remaining anger around past arguments or guilt, allow these emotions to surface. This will help you to deal with any controversy concerning your mother and her death. By re-parenting yourself and becoming your very own inner-mother, you will become gentler and more accepting of yourself, free to nurture and love yourself for who you are in your own right. Acceptance and forgiveness of yourself and your mother pave the path to peace.

Completing the inner work, using the free resources mentioned further on in this post and working through the exercises shared in Mothers and Daughters: The guide to understanding and transforming the relationship with your mother will aid in healing your mother wound and finding inner peace.

We do not have to be what we have always believed ourselves to be. We can begin to change the patterns in our behaviours and responses in relation to our mothers.

Here's an outline of some of the freebies available to you at simply subscribe to receive these lovely bonuses over the next 60 days straight to your inbox * Free chapter - Welcome to the Journey of You * EFT Quick Start Guide (Emotional Freedom Technique) * Mothers and Daughters Q&A * Love and Relationship Inventory * Guided Relaxation - Negative Memory Release * The Spotlight Process * Power Questions * Who Am I? Exercise * 10 Steps to Setting Healthy Personal Boundaries * A Time for Healing

It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it - Eleanor Roosevelt

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