Listen to your body and emotions

Your mind and body has been a shelter to you for many years. Like a filing cabinet your mind and body has stored everything you’ve ever been through. Whether you remember those things consciously or not, subconsciously your experiences are stored within. Getting to know your body in terms of aches and pains, physical discomfort, dis-ease and where you hold your emotions (energetically) will aid you well on the road to health and well-being.

During my work as a therapist and energist, when those I work with complain of anger, irritability, hatred, sadness, shame, fear, guilt etc, I ask them ‘where in your body do you feel this the most, show me with your hands?’ It’s interesting to note sometimes the area of the body where the emotions are stored, also suffers a physical symptom or complaint. Working this way gets us in touch with our energy bodies and alerts us to the emotional disturbance, we can then get to work using Modern Stress Management Techniques to reduce emotional overwhelm whether it's from past situations, present fears or future doubts, all emotions are energy and we work with the energy component of the physical body being in dis-ease.

All emotions are E-Motions (Energy-in-Motion) Sometimes emotions become stuck in the energy body, playing out for years to come. Modern Stress Management Techniques support in restoring even flow of energy in the energy body and in turn lift mood, increase happiness and allow space for more joyful experiences to become our focus. The physical body also benefits when we move more regularly into experiencing positive emotions.

Body as witness

Becoming more energy body aware and how your emotions impact the physical sensations you experience in relation to these thoughts will serve you well. Reflect on the following questions, making notes in a journal if you wish to.

· What is your current state of emotional and physical health?

· What negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings do you have about your body?

· What negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings do you have about becoming emotionally or physically healthy?(i.e. ‘‘if I get well I will not have the attention or support from others I’m getting now’’ or ‘‘if I get well my mother will make more demands on me and that scares me’’)

· Who or what triggers these beliefs, thoughts and feelings the most? (this could be thinking about a memory, a person you know, a social situation, fears for the future or a place where this happens most frequently )

· What have been the top three most traumatic events that have impacted your body and your physical and/or emotional well-being?

· Who from your past are you carrying any anger, hatred or resentment towards?

· Where do you feel these emotions in your body most strongly?

· What are the positive aspects and gains from keeping any current physical or emotional health challenges?

· What fears do you have about being well again?

· Is anyone else benefitting from you being unwell?

· When you think of your symptoms what emotion comes to mind?

· If your symptoms went away tomorrow what would you have to do that you might not like doing?

· Who or what is holding you back from having a healthy mind and body?

· What is preventing you from taking action to improve the way you experience your health and well-being?

· How have your beliefs about your mind and body limited you?

· What positive and empowering beliefs would you like to have about yourself instead of the above?

Much of my work deals with the emotional impact of life and how that may stop us moving forwards, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Please do make contact if you'd like to discuss your own personal situation with the view to work with me. I have a range of support options to suit your needs.

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to store information and emotions. In ‘‘Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine’’, Candice Pert writes, ‘‘by simply acknowledging emotions, they are expressed. In being expressed, emotions can be released, even old emotions stored in the body memory. Allowing my emotions to surface into awareness and to be able to name my emotions, is the beginning of emotional exploration. I am moving forward, trying to find my position within the family, within the community and in life.’’

Louise L Hay’s book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ is also a wonderful reference book if you’re ready to learn more about healing your body and healing your life.

Working with a qualified practitioner who deals with energy body emotional disturbances will serve you well. We all have an energy body through this is not widely discussed in the Western World. It's time to wake up to our energy bodies and in doing so heal our lives!

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live - Jim Rohn

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