A Time for Healing

Some of the greatest healers on this earth are children who have experienced not being accepted or who have felt unloved in some way. Whether a healer or being on the receiving end of healing huge emotional shifts in our lives can be gained by expressing our emotions and healing the hurts within.

Each new day is an opportunity to heal and to accept yourself for who you are in your own right. It is your personal responsibility now as an adult to nurture and sooth yourself as well as to make time for self-care and healing when the need arises. When you are able to do this, you are no longer dependent on another as a source of acceptance, approval, love or well-being.

Make a list of healing and nurturing experiences which makes you feel good. Create time to select from the list the things which nurture your heart and make you feel alive and do them often.

Here are some ideas:

· Cook yourself a delicious meal

· Have an early night with clean sheets and bed wear

· Relax in a comfortable setting where the space around you is peaceful

· Play with or care for a pet

· Paint or create something

· Go for a walk

· Buy yourself some flowers

· Take a run

· Attend a Healing weekend

· Write in a journal to express your feelings

· Take a relaxing bubble bath

· Have a massage

· Meditate

· Keep a gratitude journal

· Garden or invest in an allotment

· Listen to your favourite music

· Light a scented candle

· Go for a swim

· Self-heal using Reiki, Energy EFT or your preferred healing modality

· Create a clean and safe space within your home or garden where you can relax, read, listen to music

· Explore your environment and get outside

· Spend time in nature

If you've waited too long to make your self-healing a priority I invite you to join me on my next Modern Energy Healer 'Hands of Power' healing weekend is on 14th and 15th of April 2018 in Sutton Surrey.

The power of healing touch can never be underestimated and in this beautiful two-day workshop style training you will have the opportunity to experience a range of healing experiences using Morden Energy Techniques. Aimed at offering you the opportunity for self-help and healing as well as sharing techniques which can be used to help others heal.

In this heart centered workshop, you will learn ...

How to prepare for healing

How to raise power for healing using Modern Energy Techniques

How to unlock your 6th Sense

How to find true confidence and certainty in healing using Modern Energism

Training will include exploring MODERN Energy techniques such as The Gentle Touch, The Royal Touch, The Loving Touch and so many other beautiful healing opportunities based on the solid foundations of The Laws of Modern Energy that will build YOUR healing confidence, clarity and delight, step by step.

Learn how to heal with love giving and receiving healing touch has so many benefits, healing touch is natural and instinctive to each of us.

Consisting of 8 Units:

Unit 1: Meet YOUR Extraordinary Energy Body!

Unit 2: Revealing The Magical Healer Within

Unit 3: Giving AND Receiving

Unit 4: The Beautiful Touch

Unit 5: Touching The Matrix

Unit 6: Healing In The Energy Universe

Unit 7: Energy Constellations

Unit 8: Soul Healing

This course is open to all with no pre-requisite reading or training. It is certificated and includes annual membership to of The Guild of Energists. Book your place here

The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy - Jim Rohn

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