​You owe it to yourself...
Now is the time to understand and transform your relationships
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Investing in yourself means you are making the decision to put the past behind you once and for all.  Being aware of the past is helpful, living there isn't.

I offer a range of support programmes which help you to get back on track to living your life on purpose.  The choices of programmes include an array of tools and techniques which you can take away and use for the rest of your life.  Doing the inner work improves all relationships not just the relationship with your mother. 


Discover all of who you really are and just forgot about....

I look forward to supporting you in achieving your relationship goals.


It’s important that you find a facilitator who you can connect with, someone who you can be open and honest with and someone who you can trust.  Working with a trained facilitator has the potential to be very effective in creating change based on each of your needs and values and our professional relationship can continue until such a time when you feel that you and your family have achieved all they want to achieve.  With your commitment to the process much can be gained.

The choice of programmes offers something for everyone.  Full details of each service can be found here

The initial 'Getting to Know You' option is an opportunity to tell me about your relationship experiences, discuss your needs and to find out more about my programmes and services and which you are most suited to.  Your initial consultation is redeemable as a follow up appointment after any programme is booked and completed; you have six months in which to use the follow up appointment.  This way we can measure your progress and check in with each other.

5 Keys to Personal Freedom is ideal if you have already had some help and support with relationships but need a refresher and a coach who will motivate you to taking action as well as sharing with you some tools and techniques you may not have experienced before.

8 Steps to Love and Relationship Success is perfect for you if you are ready, willing and able to commit to saying yes to you.  These weekly support sessions get you back on track to living your life with passion and purpose sharing a range of tools and techniques covering all aspects of The Spotlight Process, a unique technique I have developed to help you get out of your own way and creating happier outcomes.

12 Weeks to Total Love and Relationship Transformation is the way forward if you want to address all relationships including mother, partner, children, friends and family.  The weekly support and accountability sessions are sure to keep you at peak flow while supporting you to work through aspects of your past relationships which may have been hurtful.  The tools and techniques offered in this programme last way beyond the 12 weeks and which you can take and apply for the rest of your life.

VIP One or Two Day Experience

Many of my clients just want to get on and learn as much as they can about their relationships in the shortest time frame, comparable to going to a workshop but unique in the sense these VIP days are tailored just for you.  Using a range of Hypnosis, EFT, NLP Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting, EMO Flow, Reiki, Coaching, Picture Tapping Technique or Positive EFT, you are spoilt for choice on these bespoke days where your needs are put first.  If you're serious about getting your rear in gear, leaving the past behind and making the rest of your life the best of your life, so much can be achieved when you say yes to you!

All programmes include a paperback copy of Find YOU, Find LOVE and Mothers and Daughters sent direct to you on booking.

I also offer talks and workshops.  If there is anything you wish to discuss please do make contact.

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There are so many benefits to taking action and putting the past behind you.  To do this you first have to understand your mother and in turn you will understand yourself and your relationship dynamics.

If ever it seemed like hard work to get to grips with the relationship with your mother or your mothers behaviour, my gentle questions and the tools and techniques I share with you will help you to let go of the inner turmoil, sadness, disappointment or regret you may have been holding on to.  If there were things you wish you'd said or done in the past, free expression and giving yourself a voice to talk this through allows for further healing.

Taking action means you benefit on so many levels.  No longer are you a child acting and responding in childlike ways, you allow yourself to transform and become that wonderful woman you are.

When nothing is certain everything is possible and you owe it to yourself to live your life with purpose.  Now is the time to let go of the past and begin again because who you are is so worth loving with or without your mother’s love.

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